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Taiwan National Mind Mapping Competition

The 11th World Mind Mapping Championships Qualifying Round for Taiwan,

Full Blossom of the Flower of Mind Mapping!

November 9, 2019 has observed the grand opening of the 11th World Mind Mapping Championships Qualifying Round for Taiwan. The qualifying round followed the rules of the World Mind Mapping Championships to include “Note taking from a Lecture” and “Note Making Freestyle” as competitions.

The first home game in Taiwan received quite a lot application forms and there were around 70 players joined the team apart from the ones who didn’t show up. The first, second, and third players were Wang Yifang, Huang Yuqin, and Su Changhong, respectively. It’s worth noting that the third place player Su Changhong was only a junior-high student who presented his splendid skills among all the good players, thanks to his school teacher Ms Chen’s attentive teaching. This also indicates that the mind mapping education has grown mature and gradually gain its effect in Taiwan.

The president of Taiwan Mind Mapping Council Wang Shengkai said in the interview that 2019 is the year of transformation for Taiwan education. With the implementation of 108 new course outline, the emphasis of education will no longer be put on disciplinary difference but on a variety of abilities and qualities which will cultivate students’ potential capacity. Mind map was introduced by an Englishman Tony Buzan in the 1970s, and it has been publicized and adopted in all nations of the world after 50 years of promotion. President Wang has been giving lectures in the mainland in recent years and he exclaimed that Taiwan has not achieved a systematic integration of policies, environment, and education venues for the education of mind map though mind map was introduced here earlier than mainland. In contrast, the mainland has been doing better than Taiwan in scales and rules for learning, training, testing, and contesting, with people largely involved in the study of mind map, thanks to the government and the country’s great input.

Nevertheless, the president said with great confidence that he believes mind map will continue to grow mature and see the full blossom of this beautiful flower when he saw the match results and supports from teachers, players, and parents.

The Vice Secretary-General of Taiwan Mind Mapping Council Xu Chuanqi expressed that mind map is a very useful teaching tool in implementation of new course outlines. As an assistant tool for thinking and learning, mind map will be widely adopted when one masters its key techniques and principles. But recent years have witnessed some misunderstandings of mind map—many of the teachers think of mind map as presenting of the original article in the form of graphs with color and in radial pattern. The vice secretary-general pointed out that mind map is easy to learn but hard to master its techniques. It is easy to understand explanation of its rules but hard to adopt the rules in different scenarios. If mind map is not properly employed, it’s like cutting up vegetables and fruits with a treasured sword. It will be a true pity for the tool (treasure)!

That’s why the one and only way for one to learn and master mind map is to both receive legitimate education of mind map techniques and rules, and learn to master the rules with a great amount of practices and demonstration.

As the director-general of this qualifying round, the secretary-general assisted to take care of major and trivial matters for the match. He said with the same confidence like the president that he believes Taiwan’s proud mind map soft power is still a world-class skill, after seeing the best maps in their life that the mind mappers have made after their great efforts.


Taiwan Mind Mapping Council


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